Hey Love,  I'm Mackenzie.


I help soulful women create loving, drama-free, and harmonious relationships to themselves and their partners so they can get through conflict, challenging emotions, and big life transitions with grounded clarity and true connection.


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It’s not about spiritually ascending out in the cosmos. It’s not about fixing or purifying ourselves. It’s definitely not about doing what we think we “should” be doing.


I believe a thriving & soulful life is all about being raw, being human, and finding our way back (again and again) to our true center:




 <<<<<     The heart     >>>>>



People these days talk a lot about spiritual ideals, big awakenings, and huge love, but often leave out the part of how to be with the hard stuff, the stuck stuff, and the "what the f*ck this is painful" stuff.


In particular, not many people talk about how to actually show up in relationships, work with emotions, or truly connect to the body. I’ve found these areas to be the most fertile in our path of growth, and it is where I focus my work with women.



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Inspiring women share insights on what it takes to truly inhabit ourselves. We go deep & talk the messy stuff, the dark stuff, the juicy stuff, the REAL stuff.


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"Before working with Mackenzie, big intimidating emotions like stress and anger seemed bad and wrong. I also felt like I had to fix my broken sexuality. After working with Mackenzie, I am much more accepting around my emotions, and am viewing my sexuality in a completely new way - choosing curiosity and pleasure instead of shame. I'm so grateful for the ways she helped me connect more deeply with myself and accept my own humanity. Having Mackenzie as my coach was truly soul work."

- Beth M.

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The quality of your life ultimately
depends on the quality of your relationships.
— Esther Perel


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