Aloha! I’m Mackenzie

Love and Relationship Coach here to guide and support you in all matters of the heart.

I help women understand their emotions, heal painful relationship dynamics, and cultivate real self love so they can have a thriving and empowered love life.

1:1 coaching

The most personalized and deep diving level of support. You and I have sessions on the regular to uncover and heal the core places in your heart that feel stuck, painful, or confusing. You’re officially done with the drama + disconnect and ready to reclaim your life.


Education on the landscapes of the heart. Four week live online courses on relationship essentials (Heart to Heart) and embodied emotional intelligence (All the Feels).



Embodied Empowered Engaged: Podcast for Women.Inspiring women share insights, vulnerabilities, tips, and tools on what it takes to truly inhabit ourselves. We go deep & talk the messy stuff, the dark stuff, the juicy stuff, the REAL stuff.

The truth is, you’re not broken, incomplete,

or needing to be fixed & endlessly purified.

those Overwhelming emotions, consuming fears,

and unsatisfying, dramatic relationships aren’t a life sentence.

You simply need support as you unwind, learn new relating tools,

and lovingly reconnect to the parts of you that have become disconnected.

This can be a messy process, one that requires deep diving and courage - but that’s where I am come in.

I’m here as a guide, lighting a torch as you make the journey back home to yourself and create a life of vibrant love and connection - from the inside out.


A little about me:

I’m an espresso lovin’ babe with a mermaid soul and a thirst for the realness.

I’ve been called an emotional genius and the enlightened sister you never had. Don’t think I’m quite enlightened :) but I sure do love supporting women to thrive in love and connect to their own wisdom.

After my own journey healing from toxic relationships and spiritual gaslighting, I’m devoted to speaking truth and pointing to the holiness of our humanness.

Embodied wisdom is my jam.  

I live in Maui, HI with my partner Tobin and continually find new things to bring to the altar of love.

I’m so glad you’re here.




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