020 | From Fight to Delighting: Powerful Communication Tools

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Today’s episode is all about going from fighting to delighting. This is a portion of a free webinar I did for my people a couple of months ago, and it was so valuable I’m sharing a bit of it with y’all today. (click HERE if you want to get on my insider list to be invited to future free webinars)

Having good communication in your relationship honestly changes everything. Because of this, it’s one of my most favorite things to teach.  There are nuances and intricacies to communication; it is wayyyyy more than just saying what’s on your mind. What I share in today’s episode are the foundational tools so you can get out of, and stay out of, dramatic fights in your relationship.

In this episode I’ll be sharing four (but it’s really more like ten) of my top essential communication tools that help you get out of those frustrating and noneffective conversations (or fights) and get into clarity and harmony with your boo - even when you have hurt feelings or conflicting viewpoints. 

In this episode I discuss:

  • Why communication is so important and often so tricky in relationships

  • How conflict can be a good thing

  • Tool #1: Power of the Pause

  • Tool #2: Repair + Take Aways

  • Tool #3: Consider Your Timing + Assumptions + Make Agreements

  • Tools #4: Self Responsibility 

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About Mackenzie

Mackenzie wants to live in a world where tears are celebrated and hugs are held just a little longer.

A world where all women know their inherent worth, trust themselves, and are empowered by their loving self-connection and thriving relationships.

As a love and relationship coach, she’s most known for her emotional genius, intuition, and the capacity to create a warm and truly loving space for others to dive deep. Kenzie specializes in helping women work their emotional pain, cultivate clear communication, and reclaim their power in the face of fear or manipulation.

When’s she’s not giving 1:1 coaching sessions, offering online courses, or recording interviews for her podcast Honey in the Heart, you can find her playing mermaid in the ocean, eating acai bowls, and binge watching episodes of her favorite show, Queer Eye. She is incredibly grateful to call Maui her home.