022 | Intimacy Thresholds: Why You're Guarded Even Though Things are Going Great

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In my practice recently there has been a theme: women confused why they are suddenly closed off, guarded, and shut down to their partner despite things going really great in their relationship.

Can you relate? 

Maybe you just had an amazing  romantic weekend, and now that you’re back home you’re being snippy and sharp. Or perhaps your new relationship has been soaring, going deeper, and better than any other relationship, and suddenly you feel your walls up. Or maybe it’s when you are toward the end of an intimate and very lengthy conversation, and you just start to lose it for no apparent reason. 

It’s like an invisible switch gets pressed, and you are no longer the open, loving, available person you just were. It’s perplexing and frustrating to say the least. This is a common phenomena dealing with Intimacy Thresholds. In today’s show I’ll be laying out why it happens and what you can do about.

In this episode I discuss:

  • The commons ways that the effects of intimacy thresholds being crossed can show up in your life and relationship

  • Why contraction in relationship is actually healthy and normal

  • The Love Plunger

  • Intimacy threshold definition

  • Why the walls, defenses, and reactivity come online after an intimacy threshold has been crossed

  • What to do when you realize your intimacy threshold has been crossed

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About Mackenzie

Mackenzie wants to live in a world where tears are celebrated and hugs are held just a little longer. A world where all women know their inherent worth, trust themselves, and are empowered by their loving self-connection and thriving relationships.

As a love and relationship coach, she’s most known for her emotional genius, intuition, and the capacity to create a warm and truly loving space for others to dive deep. Kenzie specializes in helping women work their emotional pain, cultivate clear communication, and reclaim their power in the face of fear or manipulation.

When’s she’s not giving 1-1 coaching sessions, offering online courses, or recording interviews for her podcast Honey in the Heart, you can find her playing mermaid in the ocean, eating acai bowls, and binge watching episodes of her favorite show, Queer Eye. She is incredibly grateful to call Maui her home.