Hey love, Let’s drop in and get real for a minute.



Are you craving a type of connection and love that actually translates to every area of your life?

The kind that goes beyond your yoga mat and into the heart of your relationships and most challenging moments?

If you feel a “YES”, You’ve come to the right place

Most likely, this also sounds familiar:

Having flashes of insight, but also big waves of overwhelming emotion or anxiety that knock down your confidence and clarity

Feeling ready to have a drama-free relationship, but keep finding yourself in the  same frustrating fight with your partner - or similar toxic relationship

Exhausted from trying so damn hard to prove yourself, fix yourself, and be "good”

Having SO much love to give, yet feeling shut down, defensive, and critical toward yourself and the people you care about most

It’s time to Revolutionize your love life from the inside out.


You’re inspired with a heart of gold, but let’s be honest, you’ve been looking outside yourself for way too long.

What if I promised that you could transform your relationship to life, yourself, and your loved ones without outsourcing your power, or needing to be someone you’re not?

What would it be like to stop picking yourself apart in the mirror, picking fights with your partner, and start feeling harmony and connection - even on a hard day?

Within in a few months, you can have the self love, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to feel empowered, clear, and loving in your life and all your relationships.

It is all so possible. Take my hand, I’d love to guide you there to this life of embodied heart.



3 months of the most personalized and deep diving level of support. You and I drop in on the regular to uncover and heal the places in your heart and love life that feel stuck, frustrated, or confusing.

You’re officially done with the BS and ready to get out of the drama, toxic relating, or just plain painful patterns in your life. Sessions take place in person or via phone / video.

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The heart education you never received.

Live online courses on emotional intelligence (All The Feels Course) and relationship essentials (Heart to Heart Course). Plus, my comprehensive 4 month mentorship program for woman ready to truly embark on the path of embodied heart.


HEART TO HEART: 4 week Relationship Essentials

May 16th - June 11th 2019

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I offer personal retreats on my home island of Maui, Hawaii. These are very unique, tailored experiences which weave together coaching sessions, hawaiian body work, and embodied rituals at sacred sites on Maui. Maui is an incredibly healing place, also known as the heart chakra of the planet. Come connect IRL and receive the heart medicine of Maui.

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