Hey love, Let’s drop in and get real for a minute.



Are you craving a type of connection and love that actually translates to every area of your life?

The kind that goes beyond your yoga mat and into the heart of your relationships and most challenging moments?

Do you have flashes of insight, but also big waves of overwhelming emotion or anxiety that knock down your confidence and clarity?

Are you exhausted from trying so damn hard to prove yourself?

Do you feel beyond ready for a drama-free relationship, yet keep finding yourself in the  same frustrating fight with your partner - or repeating toxic relationship?

It’s time to Revolutionize your love life from the inside out.

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You spend your time going to workshops and pursuing expansive experiences, but have a hard getting back to ‘normal life’ and dealing with the big feels that come up after.

You believe in love and light, and yet find yourself feeling shut down, defensive, and critical toward yourself and the people you love most.

Your ideals aren’t matching your reality, and the discrepancy is starting to take it toll.

You’re inspired, conscious, with a heart of gold.

but let’s be honest, you’ve been looking outside yourself for way too long.


What if I promised that you could transform your relationship to life, yourself, and your loved ones without outsourcing your power or needing to be someone that you’re not?

What would it be like to stop picking yourself apart in the mirror, picking fights with your partner, and start feeling harmony and connection - even on a hard day.

Within in a few months, you can have a foundation of real self love that fuels your relationships to thrive and informs every single part of your life.

I’m here as a guide to bring you back to your own wisdom and light a torch along the mysterious, messy, and sometimes dark process of truly coming into yourself and remembering how to love well.

If you are feeling a spark in your heart for the empowered and love-filled life that you and I both know you were made for - click the button below to begin the journey.

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1:1 coaching

For the woman officially over the drama and disconnect and ready to revolutionize her love life from the inside, out.


I’m here for you along all the twists at turns.

Holding your hand and loving you UP as you peel pack the layers.

I’m here as your ally, offering personalized and powerful support for your love life.

Get ready to feel held, seen, and uplifted - not matter what shows up in our sessions.

I’ve been called the enlightened girlfriend  you never had.

Not sure I’m enlightened, but I am sure as hell ready to see you soar in Love.

Let’s do this babe.



By application only


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