I get your desire for a life that feels way more connected and fulfilling.


I get the ache in your bones, the utter frustration, confusion, and heart pangs that it isn’t quite going that way.


You've had  spiritual experiences and big expansive moments, but can't understand why it isn't translating into day-to-day life.




Any of this sound familiar?


+  Fighting, avoiding, or shutting out your partner even though you really want to be close


+  Losing the “magic” from retreats or ceremonies once you get back in day-to-day life


+  Stuck in pain cycles and fear even though you practice yoga, meditation, and affirmations


+  Confused by a sex life that feels not so pleasurable, and quite possibly, painful


+  Exhausted from constantly trying to prove yourself, get validation, or be liked


+  Disconnected from who you are after a birth, break-up, or big life transition


+  Picking yourself apart when you look in the mirror


+  Calling that guy or gal (again) that you know isn't good for you


+  Feeling lost and anxious in the face of little and big decisions


+  Overwhelmed by your emotions




You know there is a better more vital way - a way where you

regularly feel alive, clear, and centered, but you don’t quite know where to start.



That’s where I come in.



A guide to bring you back to your own wisdom and light a loving torch along the

mysterious, messy, and let's be honest, sometimes dark process, of truly coming into yourself.







You don’t have to do it alone.

You aren’t going to be stuck or lost forever.

You don’t have to constantly try to purify or fix yourself.

You aren’t broken.






You're my ideal client if you are ready to:



+  Feel more in “control” and less taken down by your emotions and triggers


+  Experience true intimacy and deepening love with your partner - even when you have conflict


+  Find yourself again after that god-awful break up, challenging birth, or tumultuous transition


+  Be liberated from the opinions of others and the constant seeking of validation


+  Have a relationship to sex that is less shameful and more satisfying, pleasurable, and ever-evolving.


+  Access your own wisdom, inner guidance, and intuition for guidance in any situation


+  Stop blaming and start creating the empowered life you (and I) know you were made for


+  Break free of destructive habits and relationship cycles that are bringing you down


+  Experience personal growth that shows up consistently in your everyday, day-to-day life  (not just special occasions)


+  Be wildly capable of communicating your truth & feelings



If the answer is yes, Let’s do this.



"Mackenzie is skilled at creating safety and trust, and was intuitively able to help me better understand my blocks and work through them with grace. I brought a range of topics from my love life, to spiritual awakening, to owning my unique power, and she consistently helped me to feel clear, grounded, and capable to keep expanding. She is encouraging and empowering, with an ability to inspire fierce hope and courage. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is ready for a deep and lasting transformation."

- Iris C.


How we do it 

There are currently two main ways to work with me:


_DSC2513-Edit (2).jpg

I work with women 1-1 over the phone or skype for a devoted amount of time: three, six, or nine months.

This is best option if you are ready go deep and get personalized and powerful support for your unique process.



An intimate 4 week course for the woman ready to experience emotional freedom, insight, and empowerment.

Uncover the roots of stuck emotions and learn new tools to work with all the feels in a safe container. We begin again in early 2019


"Mackenzie helped me heal after a toxic relationship and major heartbreak. I now experience new ways of interacting with people in my life that present challenges. I now easily stay in my own energy, not letting outside sources affect my inner peace. I feel more empowered, confident, and at peace as a woman living in my truth and trusting my own intuition. I feel like I have real support guiding me on my journey."

- Laura K.