Hey love, Let’s drop in and get real for a minute.


 Are you craving a type of connection and love that actually translates to every area of your life?

The kind that goes beyond your yoga mat and into the heart of your relationships and most challenging moments?

If you feel a “YES”, You’ve come to the right place

Most likely, this also sounds familiar

Big waves of overwhelming emotion that make you lose control and get reactive

Finding yourself in the  same frustrating fight, power struggle, or all too familiar toxic relationship, even though you desperately want drama-free, harmonious love

Feeling crippled and closed off by your fears of rejection, abandonment, and not being good enough

Having so much love to give, yet feeling shut down, defensive, and critical toward yourself and the people you care about most

Unsure of how to voice your needs, desires, and truth in your relationship. The tendency to people please has become your default.

Craving intimacy, yet anxiety and insecurity gets the best of you - especially when it comes to sex.

It’s time to Revolutionize your love life from the inside, out.



I offer 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions where we work through the communication blocks, confusing emotions, or rocky relationship transitions that currently have you feeling stuck and closed off. You’re tired of getting in the same painful, toxic pattern and are ready to break free to transform your love life.

Sessions take place via phone or video conference and can be booked at any time. No need to sign up for a package or plan out months in advance. The support you need is right here.

Go ahead girl, you don’t need to wait any longer.




The communication in your relationship is not quite working. You find yourself fighting, misunderstood, or not sharing - especially big feelings, needs, or desires. You’re ready to unlock the blocks and share your truth without the fear and drama.



All the feels have you confused, lost, or totally overwhelmed. You know there’s wisdom in your heart but you don’t know where to start. You’d like to feel more in “control” and less taken down by your emotions and triggers - especially in your relationship.


relationship transition

Your relationship is currently under construction. You find yourself in unfamiliar terrain: a break-up, a budding relationship, or a new type of relationship (open, long distance, etc.). Your heart is tender and it's time to find your center so you can navigate the transition and move forward without making the same mistakes or heart aches.


outcomes of working with me 1:1

  • Feeling more in “control” and less taken down by your emotions and triggers

  • Becoming wildly capable in communicating your feelings, needs, and desires - even when it’s scary

  • Finding yourself again after that god awful break-up. Staying connected to yourself in the midst of a brand new relationship.

  • Breaking free of destructive habits, codependency, and toxic relationship patterns

  • Having a sex life that is less shameful, less fearful, and WAY more fulfilling

  • Confidently navigating hard conversations and boundary setting without starting a fight or getting lost in drama

  • Learning heart skills that keep you open to love, connection, and intimacy in your relationship (instead of guarded, critical, and defended)

  • Cultivating a truly loving relationship to yourself.

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