008 | Transitions & Navigating the Unknown


Creating the life of your dreams is not all sparkles, sunshine, and rainbows. In fact, it includes a lot of unknown, confusion, facing the dark depths, being scared sh*tless, and hard goodbyes. It’s worth it, every little bit - but it is process.

As much as we all wish that once we have the insight and vision, we could instantly be teleported into our new life drinking mango smoothies on the beach with our dream partner and making 6 figures with that soul-purpose filled job - there is a real journey of getting there. The only way is through, and this is precisely what our guest for this episode, Alana Helbig, knows all about. Untangling, Transitions, & the Unknown.

Alana speaks directly to this process that isn’t talked about on the online world - the grit, depth, & surrender needed to really step into a life that is more soul aligned for you. I LOVED our conversation, and  wish I could have had her insight and support years ago when I was making some huge leaps in my life.

If you find yourself on the edge, in the midst, or on the outskirts of a transition, any transition, in your life, this episode is hand tailored for YOU!
In this episode we discussed:

  • Meaning and power of storytelling
  • The big gap in the online world between transformation & what really happens to “get there”
  • Untangling & Overhauling your life to be in greater alignment
  • The 6 stages of Transition (what no one really talks about)
  • The U-shape journey
  • Tools for moving through uncertainty, confusion, & “not knowing”
  • How to go deep and stay with the process of transition

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+ Website: alanahelbig.com
+ Facebook: /alanahelbigbiz
+ Instagram: @alana.helbig
+ Link to Schedule Coaching with Mackenzie
Email: mackenzie.eason@gmail.com



Alana Helbig is a podcaster, storyteller and women’s mentor. At her core, she is fascinated by the inner pull we all feel to move away from the mundane and create meaning and purpose in our lives.  Through her story-telling podcast Untangled, she dives into the lives of her guests to find out how they untangled from society's giant rule book to create a meaningful life. 
Through her 1:1 transition coaching packages, she supports women in navigating life, career andbusiness transitions by helping them to connect into their truth and play an active role in the co-creation of the next phase of their lives.
 Alana is also the creator of the online program Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers, where she teaches women how to soulfully and strategically ignite powerful conversations on the podcasting platform.



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