007 | Self Care & Womb Wisdom: Moving from Pain to Power


Shelley Parris Williams is a woman you most definitely want by your side. A woman that keeps it real, sees through your sh*t, and holds you in the most loving & empowered presence. There’s the sense that she gets it, sees you, and knows the tender depths of what it takes to transform. 

I felt all this immediately during our short conversation together. Shelley’s personal story is nothing short of amazing, one of incredible transformation and the creation of so much beauty - in particular her wellness center for women called the Womb Sanctuary.

Needless to say Shelley was the perfect guest on EEE, leaving me totally fired up and moved to tears. In this episode Shelley shares her personal journey and so much insight on real transformation and the wisdom waiting for us in our wombs.

In this episode Shelley shares:

  • What she did when she was 37, three  children deep, and realized she was sleep walking through life
  • Her experience of communing with her body and breath after such a long time of disconnect
  • How she became a self care advocate, and why self care is so important (and not selfish!)
  • What she learned from the death of her own mother after recently becoming a mother herself at the age of 15
  • The role the womb holds for women, and why it’s a crucial part of our healing journey
  • How she supports women in honoring and connecting to their past pain, hurt, and trauma held in their wombs
  • Yoni Steams, or Womb Saunas
  • The “blessons” that come when we take responsibility
  • Her Pain to Power story, and what it really was like to shift from victim to empowered woman
  • Living her full YES, and the creation of the Womb Sanctuary
  • How self care transforms motherhood and the children we are stewarding
  • Why she only rolls with Goddesses
  • The power of your “Why” to make shift happen


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Shelley Parris Williams, selfCare Advocate & Mind/Body Practitioner, blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; Shelley has formulated a unique system of simplified breathing techniques, energizing postures and creative visualization where she helps you to achieve optimal health by harmonizing the body, mind and soul.

While working with Shelley, you will discover the resonance in your life, putting you in alignment with vitality, abundance and fulfillment. Her method inspires you to follow your passion cultivating restorative connections to yourself and others, which promote emotional wellbeing and the creative boldness required to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Her ability to Make SHIFT Happen has made Shelley a sought after facilitator, speaker, and ambassador with a connective spirit that engages audiences through her ongoing empowerment events, coaching programs, wellness products and strategic partnerships.

Shelley navigates the world as a fierce MOMpreneur and lover of humanity. She is dedicated to seeing others live whole by promoting tools and resources to help them do so. She is currently working on community initiatives, and other collaborative projects to further the cause for women’s health and wellness.



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