006 | Answering the Call & Transforming Trauma


Sometimes you hear a calling, but don’t know if or how it will happen - especially if it feels bold, kind of scary, and you know, on the other side of globe where there is frequent political turmoil and war. This happened for Honeybee Henderson fifteen years ago when she felt a strong spark in her heart to teach yoga to women in the Middle East. She now finds herself living in Jordan, where she is part of growing movement empowering women through yoga, workshops, and women’s circles.

In this episode I have a heart to heart with my dear sister Honeybeee, where she shares her deep process and journey to where to finds herself today - serving in devotion and personally growing in profound ways. Honeybee divulges her own raw journey of transformation, along with incredible insights and amazing stories of waking up and coming home.

This episode could be a poster child for the podcast, touching on so many potent, real, and powerful aspects of being an embodied woman. You don’t want to miss it!

Tune in as Honeybee shares:

+ Her current place of service and surrender in the Middle East
+ Practices she uses to help with living in an intense and often chaotic environment
+ How she received the heart calling to go to Jordan and what she did to make space for it
+ Her keys to trusting the mystery and each part of the path
+ The transformation & empowerment she sees happening for women in the Middle East
+ How healing her past sexual trauma has helped her serve in a powerful way
+ The dangers of by-passing dark feelings and skipping to forgiveness
+ What allows for breakdown and breakthroughs
+Her healing journey with her own mother and emergence into self mothering
+ How she defines and works with the Divine Mother
+ The main antidote for our misalignments: Self LOVE
+ Her advice for herself 10 years ago


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Honeybee Henderson has devoted her life to working for the Divine Mother and the  sacred mystery of the feminine.  For nearly 20 years, she has given herself fully to the path of awakening and embodiment, accessing wisdom keepers throughout many traditions and lineages across the globe collecting tools to share with you.  From yoga to spiritual psychology, from shamanic practices to sacred rituals, Honeybee’s prayer is that each women remembers what a gift she is to the planet, simply by being in her body, one breath at a time.



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