005 | From Fragmented to Fully Embodied


Hemalayaa’s energy and zing for being fully alive is contagious, in the best possible way that makes you want to say “I’ll have what she’s having!” And what she’s having, is a full course of embodiment, on the regular.

Hemalayaa is a transformation facilitator and coach, specializing in women’s embodiment and empowerment. I recognized a flavor of realness and magnetism in her that instantly made me want to know more. My drop in with Hemalayaa was nothing short of inspiring, in fact, I felt the impact of her words and energy weeks past our conversation. Tune into this episode as Hemalayaa shares with us some of her insights, tools, and inspirations for shifting our lives from fragmented to fully embodied. I hope this conversation gives you a juicy serving of “what she’s having” - it certainly was for me!

Tune in as Hemalayaa shares:

+ What it really means to be embodied, and why even bother to be embodied
+ How to recognize when we are fragmented
+ What she does to come back home to herself
+ The difference between connecting to divine in the ethers and the divine within our bodies
+ Wanting it VS Being it
+ Our birthright as women
+ The 5 Koshas, and the discovery of a 6th Kosha that we now need to integrate
+ Social media’s affect on our embodiment journey
+ The falsity of perfectionism



Website: www.Hemalayaa.com
IG @Hemalayaa



Hemalayaa empowers with her unique blend of traditional and modern mentorship and coaching. She provides tools to break down barriers that hold us back from experiencing a powerful spiritual connection. Hemalayaa is passionate about leading women to their own truth as well as inspiring a purpose-filled lifestyle. Her work inspires and motivates thousands of women to live healthy and joyful lives.

She facilitates her work globally and stars in numerous DVDs. She also hosts her own TV show, “Bolly Blast”, bringing fitness to a whole new level of fun through yoga and dance. Hemalayaa has toured internationally with several yoga/conscious festivals and conferences including Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, LIB, Bhakti Fest, and many more.

Hemalayaa’s magnetic energy leads all into a liberated state of being: balanced in true self-acceptance and a passion for life. She has been featured in numerous publications such as NY Times, Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, and Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, Lisa Oz, and The Today Show.


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