004 | Insights from Depression, Intuition, & Anger


During a big and slightly (very) tumultuous transition moving to Maui, it was recommended to me that I book a session with the woman named Juna. I had experience with channels or other intuitives before, and usually left those sessions feeling a bit disempowered and pretty disappointed. Something in me told me to give her a shot, and I thank god I listened to that voice!

My first session with Juna helped me realign my life with supremely clarity and groundedness. I felt empowered and reconnected in a way that I was really needing. Juna has been an incredible ally for me ever since - often wishing I could have her on speed dial and available to me at any given moment! Juna is tapped in, grounded, wise, and crystal clear. She is a rare precious gem on this planet, and her insights from her own journey, and also her work with clients is raw, real, and powerful.  

Tune in as Juna shares with us:

  • Her transformative moments of learning, awakening, and falling to her knees
  • How the feeling of “not enough” showed up in her life and what helped her move through depression
  • Her definition of Intuition  and how we can use the body to utilize it.
  • The difference between the path of following truth and the path of what is easy
  • Her continued journey with Anger and what she did when it wouldn’t go away
  • What it takes to be in a healthy relationship with Anger and access what it is here to teach us
  • Her current living edge of transition, surrender, and sharing her gifts in a bigger way



Juna is a woman who wears many hats. She is a life & relationship coach, an intuitive, a mindfulness facilitator, a leadership coach and trainer and a somatic experiencing practitioner. She has a geeky-huge passion for sharing the infinite gems of emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Her passion for these things is delightfully contagious, and she has been known to break out into spontaneous happy dances when clients or friends use these modalities to take a leap in their self-awareness. She leads workshops and retreats in Northern California, Hawaii and Bali.





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