002 | Permission & Safety to Feel


In this episode we have a heart to heart with Luna Love - a Woman of Devotion, a Leadership Mentor, and the host of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast. One of Luna's specialties is supporting women in their journey of emotional mastery and embodied transformation, and she has LOADS of wisdom to share with us in this arena.  Sit back and let this episode hydrate your heart, it’s a deeply nourishing one!

Tune into this episode as Luna shares with us:

+ what it takes to listen to guidance and participate in the incredibly vulnerable process of actually showing up for ourselves.
+ what emotional mastery really means (hint: it’s not a destination of becoming a fancy “master”!)
+ the foundations and keys for working with our emotions in new ways that provide us with continual gifts, insights, and freedom.
+ the difference between feeling emotions in our mind vs. feeling them in our body.
+ her own transformational journey and how creating safety for herself to feel provided her with tremendous gifts and the capacity to serve others.


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Luna is a Woman of Devotion, a Leadership Mentor and the host of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast. She assists women ready to share their gifts in the world, to achieve clear vision by providing supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom by aligning one’s divine essence, authentic expression and life-purpose. She supports embodied transformation through the power of self-awareness and aligned action. Luna is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation amongst people and environments, as well as the restoration of Sacred Union within all relations. In devotion Luna is here to walk a path of beauty.



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