001 | Coming Out From Hiding


We begin Season One and Episode One by hearing a little more from your host, Mackenzie.

I figured I would share a little more with y'all about my own transformational journey and what inspired and guided me to create this love project of a podcast. I share with you my own edges and insights along my transit from head to heart.

In all honesty, this episode was the hardest for me to do. I put it off until the last minute, and I had to give myself a big ole pep talk to press the record button. All said and done, that’s the nature of transformation, being uncomfortable and going for it anyways - so here it is! Walking my talk and sharing myself with as much vulnerability and realness I could muster. Enjoy this episode as my official coming out from hiding!

Tune in this very first episode as Mackenzie shares:
+  Her own transformational journey from disconnection and into embodiment
+  When she realized that she couldn’t OM and Namaste her way out painful feelings
+ What embodiment, empowerment, and engagement have to do with each other
+ Why these topics are important for women right now
+ Her prayers and intentions for how this podcast can serve
+ Her current living edge and very real vulnerabilities


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Mackenzie is the host of Embodied Empowered Engaged Podcast and a devotee of embodied, heart-centered living. She is a rare blend of innocence, wisdom, and down home realness.  Through her own transformation and her work with clients, Mackenzie has witnessed the essential wisdom in the body and its power to unlock the keys for living an aligned life of freedom, heart, and wholeness. She is best known for her emotional attunement and her ability to meet others at their depths while holding a torch of pure love and support through life’s sometimes mysterious and dark passageways of transformation.


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Embodied Empowered Engaged is a one woman show. Yup, every part of the process from the recording, editing, building, and uploading is a free offering & labor of love directly from my heart.

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