010 | Finding Your Zone of Radiance


I was immediately drawn to Cait’s irresistible radiance. It’s a type of radiance that actually wakes you F up from your sluggish instagram scrolling mind fog. I immediately wanted to know more.

Seeing Cait’s photos and words on social media was one thing, but hearing her speak brought a whole other level of excitement and transmission into my system. Shining bright (without apologizing for it) is something I have struggled with for years. I had a sense Cait had some insight on this way of being, and holy whoa did she deliver.

I left our conversation feeling seriously lit UP and ready to do the damn thing: Live in my full radiance and serve in the biggest way possible.

If you have often feel scared to be seen and take up space along your path - this episode is you.

In this episode we discussed:

  • What Zone of Radiance means & how it’s different than your Zone of Genius
  • The important role Grit and Messiness play on the path of finding your radiance
  • How an ankle injury redirected Cait’s life from athlete to community leader
  • Cait’s transformational journey of facing anxiety and a voice that kept saying that there was something more
  • The importance of humility, not taking ourselves too seriously, and being ok with switching gears (again) if you need
  • A pivotal moment when Cait said Yes to what she really wanted & what she had to walk through to access her full power & self love
  • Follow the vines and breadcrumbs - the invisible guiding hand
  • The core fear she sees that stops women from fully shining
  • How taking up space doesn’t actually take space away from other people
  • Perfectionism and playing Big

“Trust the intelligence of your creativity. Trust the intelligence of the ways in which you feel inspired to engage, and build from that space…(Give yourself) permission to engage in a way that feels most real for you. That’s when you shine.”


Website:  caitscudder.com
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Cait Scudder is a Success Coach for ambitious women entrepreneurs ready to live life on their terms. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs with big hearts and bold dreams to clarify their zone of radiance, master their message & marketing, and sell with confidence so that they can create the deep impact, 6-figure income and personal freedom they desire. When she's not traveling the world, she lives in Bali with her husband and two dogs. Most mornings, you can find her up early, running in the rice fields, smashing a green smoothie bowl, and tapping away behind the screen making magic for her tribe! Connect with her at caitscudder.com or in her free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur.



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