015 | Emotional Eating & Loving Your Body, with Valerie Tookes

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Have you ever found yourself moving toward the holiday cookie plate right after a not so great interaction with your family? Or found yourself being really harsh and mean toward yourself when you take a glance in the mirror (especially after said triggering holiday season)?

Ummmm hand raised big time over here! Most of us have done this, and it doesn’t feel so great. Emotional eating and harshness toward ourselves in so common during this time of year, the intersection of high stress holidays, post holiday remorse,  and aspiring new year resolutions.

I couldn’t think of a better woman to come speak to this phenomena than Valerie Tookes. Valerie was my lead coach during my Courageous Living Coach Certification, and has a deep presence that speaks to the core. The way she leads her holistic life coaching practice is no different.

In today’s episode, Valerie shares with us her own journey with food, emotions, and health - including  the powerful ripple effect of coming into a (truly loving) relationship with your body.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Valerie’s personal past struggles using food to mask emotions and what was missing in her life, and how she found her way to becoming a health coach

  • Why “shoulds” and diets don’t actually work in the long run

  • The different ways emotional eating can show up and Valerie’s own turning point.

  • How depriving yourself almost always leads to an eventual rebound effect.

  • What to do when you notice yourself in the midst of emotional eating.

  • How to communicate with your body

  • The one central key for transforming your health and sustaining wellness.

  • The radial shift that happens and ripple effect that happens when you start a truly loving relationship with your body.

  • How to deal with the critical voice inside


Website: www.herholistichealth.com

Instagram: @heartsdesire

About Valerie

Valerie Tookes, founder of Her Holistic Health, is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach who believes that trusting your body’s deepest wisdom, equals true health. Her work is devoted to helping women transform their world by changing the way that they see their body. When she’s not coaching in her private practice, you can find her working; as a Health and Wellness Coach with The Women’s Vitality Center; as a Lead Coach with the Courageous Living Coach Training Program; and as the Senior Finance and Operations Manager at Grants for the Arts. A graduate of Florida State University, University of Oregon, California Institute for Integral Studies ,and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she happily lives in Oakland California


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