013 | Attachment Styles and Reparenting Yourself, with Acacia Land


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There are so many different parts of ourselves, so many different varied experiences, it can be challenging to piece it all together and find inner coherence -  not to mention understand how to share all of ourselves in relationship. Today’s guest, Acacia Land is an expert at just that. She has certain way of speaking to our emotions, traumas, attachment styles, and parenting in a way that is deep, compassionate, and also filled with science that just makes sense!

I hope you enjoy this deep diving episode as we explore how to tend to ourselves and our relationships with the heart as our central hub.

We discussed:

  • Acacia’s personal journey with seeing energies, experiencing trauma, bypassing via meditation, and the embodiment that came with birth and motherhood

  • Our Inner community - what it is and how to tend to it

  • What separating from a recent 9 year relationship has taught her about safety, grief, and trauma

  • How to reparent yourself

  • Why “Just let it go” doesn’t really work

  • Attachment styles and wounding

  • The science of the nervous system and the role it plays in how to we love and relate

  • The Polyvagal Theory

  • The gut brain and the heart brain

  • Keys for creating safety and healthy care taking  in relationship


Website: acacialand.co

Instagram: @acacia_land

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acacia.land

About Acacia:

Acacia has been an intuitive counselor and teacher for over 19 years and has been trained in a diversity of empowering practices. She holds a strong value in the education that is awakening and empowering to one’s soul purpose lead by the heart.

Since birth she has known that the sensitive, intuitive, feminine, fierce, mystery inside of us needs a place to be expressed and brought back into a balance, honor and integrity with the masculine from inside out.

Her journey hasn’t always been easy. Hardships and challenges have been there to soften the edges. They have helped her understand how to embody true love and compassion, which life has given and continues to give many opportunities for her to practice.

Acacia has been trained and licensed to teach; including Full Sensory Perception, Prema Birthing, Access Consciousness, Heart Circles, Positive Discipline, and  The Art of Feminine Presence. She is also HeartMath™ Institute trained as both a 1 on 1 Coach and licensed Resilience Advantage Trainer just to name a few. She continues to educate herself on on neurobiology, trauma work, inner child work etc.


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