014 | Self Worth Embodied, with Madison Hedlund

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For so long, I was living with the sneaky, yet all pervading belief that I was unworthy. Sometimes it was obvious, and others it would be subtle root of so many behaviors. It was amazing to me all the different areas of my life this unworthiness touched. Relationships, Work, Money, Health. I was also amazed by how strong its effect was, even though I intellectually and spiritually understood that I was worthy of love and all the good things.

So many women have this same experience. As little girls, we can interpret life’s challenges, trauma, and cultural messages to mean that we aren’t worth much. It can be like a fog that washes over. For me, it was, and continues to be, a set of feelings that I needed my attention.

I knew this was such an important topic to discuss, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to chat with than Madison Hedlund.

Madison has a huge heart, and certain authentic spunk that makes you know that she is real, and she GETS IT. Madison shares her incredible journey and the intricacies of how to embody, and actually LIVE your worth.

We discussed:

  • Madison’s interest in connection, god, and truth from a very young age

  • The journey Madison went through as she overcame trauma and after affects of mental health issues and prison time within her family

  • The stability she found in church, and the later deconstruction and rebirth of her faith

  • The importance of somatic therapy while healing trauma

  • The power of identity and what is underneath it all

  • Difference between understanding self worth and actually embodying it

  • People pleasing, “earning” love, and codependency

  • The problem with demanding respect

  • First steps for living your worth and first signs that you may not be

  • Why you aren’t bad or broken

  • The importance of enjoying the process

“If we strip down our beliefs, our emotions, and our thoughts (all of which are ever-changing), what you get down to is the soul. The essence of who we are is worthy. If I’m not identified with the things that are changing, the only constant is the worthiness.”


Website: www.madisonhedlund.co

Instagram: @madisonhedlund

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About Madison

Madison is an international award winning life coach and speaker who helps women own their story, step out of fear and shame and come alive to their most vibrant, confident selves. Known for her soulful spirit both online and in person, she brings authenticity, power, and creativity into all she does. Whether she is working one on one with clients, facilitating a workshop, or speaking to a large group, it is Madison's deepest desire to see women step up to their very best and truly come alive.


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