Hey love, I’m Mackenzie.

I help women like you cultivate real self love they can heal the places of disconnect in their lives and experience thriving relationships and embodied confidence in any situation.

I’m your partner in transformation as you make the journey back home to yourself and create a life of vibrant love and connection - from the inside out.

I’m passionate about helping women rediscover their self worth, understand their emotions, find their voice, and claim their truth.

I believe that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships - and that includes the relationship with every part of ourselves, our beloveds, and life itself.

The truth is, you're not broken, you don’t need to be “fixed”.

You simply need support as you reconnect and love the parts that have been disconnected.

This can be a messy process, one that requires deep diving and courage - but that’s where I am come in.

A guide to hold your hand and light a loving torch as you do the work.

My philosophy working with clients

is that every person is a whole, unbroken, beautiful keeper of his/her own wisdom.

I believe in the insights held in the body, the alchemical magic that happens when we feel our feelings, and the radical power of consistent support. I place just as much value in the integration and contraction as I do the big expansive moments.

I treat each session as a sacred time to drop in, inquire, explore, feel, and experience - all while being held in a space of total permission and safety. I believe that understanding the roots of your frozen places and fears, as well a the source of your joy and dreams are necessary ingredients to a free, thriving life.



I’m an advocate for cultivating courage,

dropping the spiritual masks ,

and keeping it real.  



People who have worked with me have said the core work is about...


Learning to feel feelings. Allowing. Communicating with the body. Loving the old hurt places. Recognizing truth. Cultivating Courage. Developing a relationship with the inner child and the inner mentor.

Uncovering limiting beliefs. Making friends with fear. Having a romance with self responsibility.

Discovering your inherent worth. Welcoming the shadow. Blessing the mess. Trying new things. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.




  <<<<<<<<      Saying YES to life      >>>>>>>>



When clients have graduated from working with me they find that...

They feel more centered, empowered, and more consistently connected to themselves. Hard conversations now feel easier. They can easily access their truth, intuition, and internal guidance system.

Their relationships are more fulfilling and loving. The magnetism to self destructive behaviors (or relationships) start to fall away. Emotions become teachers and gifts instead of signs of unworthiness. There is more energy, aliveness, and alignment in everyday life.


Self love becomes a tangible thing you can taste

Education & Certifications

Mackenzie has spent the past decade studying human development, the healing arts, yoga, birth, conscious relationships, and coaching. She weaves her experience with hundreds of clients, years of study, and intuitive guidance to each session. 

  • Certified Courageous Living Life Coach

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi Speciality

  • Certified Sacred Birthing Doula

  • Registered Classical Yoga Teacher, 200HR

  • University Bachelor's Degree: Family & Child Development

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