Hey love, I’m Mackenzie.

I help women create stable, healthy, connected relationships by working with their emotional pain and confidently communicating their needs and desires without fear of rejection.

Your guide in all matters of the heart.

I’m passionate about helping women rediscover their self worth, understand their emotions, communicate their truth, and cultivate real self love that welcomes every. single. part of themselves.

I see you as whole, unbroken, and a beautiful keeper of your own wisdom. I believe in the insights held in the body, the alchemical magic that happens when you feel your feelings, and the radical power of consistent support. I place just as much value in the contraction as I do the big expansive moments.

I’m a big fan of cultivating courage, dropping masks, and keeping it real.

After my own journey healing from painful relationships and spiritual gaslighting, I’m devoted to speaking truth and pointing to holiness of our humanness.

I’m honored you are here.




I grew up with a curious heart and thirst for connection. This curiosity took me many places around the country and had me dabbling in all sorts of modalities - yoga, meditation, music festivals, tantra, medicine ceremonies, retreats - pretty much you name it, I tried it.

All these experiences certainly opened me in a big ways, but I noticed that no matter what method or cool new spiritual thing I tried, there were two pesky things that just wouldn’t go-away:

My painful emotions +

toxic relationships

Even in the name of conscious activities, I was harming myself and avoiding big emotions. Partying a little too hard, outsourcing my power like it was my job, and buying loads of cool new age clothes (once I looked spiritual for sure I would finally feel good about myself, right?!) My relationships were painful, unsatisfying, and consumed by me constantly seeking validation. Eventually the schism inside myself caught up to me. I was getting sick all the time. Sore throat, fatigue, and even Shingles.

I was trying SO DAMN HARD to prove myself, to find belonging and connection in my life -- the problem was that I was looking for it in the wrong places.

It wasn’t until I was gaslighted in spiritual communities, and had one very toxic relationship with a narcissist, that I hit rock bottom. From the depths, I had no choice but to start to cultivate a relationship with myself and face my pain.

I started to reconnect to my heart and feel all the feels I had long stuffed and stored away.

I began to discover my true power, voice, and inner knowing. I started to recognize all the ways I had given my authority away to people and communities with spiritual charm. It wasn’t long before I was immersed myself even deeper in studying vulnerability, relationships, communication, and the body’s wisdom. I later moved to Maui, shed layers of struggle, and had a romance with self responsibility. I began to see that I had been missing the point all along:

_dsc1825 (2).jpg

It’s not about being perfect or purifying yourself.

It’s not about ascending out into the cosmos.

A connected, love-filled, soulful life is all about loving your humanness & returning again and again back your true center:


Years later, I find myself in a radiant life, where I feel more authentic connection, health, and love than I could have EVER imagined before.

The self hatred has been transformed into a self love that greets all parts of myself.

I no longer hide and chameleon-ize, owning my power and bad-assery more every day.

I’ve stopped abandoning myself and actually trust myself

Emotions are my guides instead of my enemies. Triggers no longer control me.

I relish being in my body as it has become a tool for deeper wisdom and insight.

My relationship is thriving with overflowing with honesty, true connection, harmony, and juicy love that keeps getting better and better - even through conflict and growth edges.

Now, of course, I am still remembering and growing. There are still big feelings, challenging moments, tenderness beyond belief, and mistakes. It’s not all rainbows and sparkles, but I now have a foundation of self love that embraces me no matter what arises. I now have the emotional awareness, communication skills, and self love to inform my process and fuel my relationships into more LOVE.

I’ve come to find that all my life experiences, trainings, gifts, and heart wrenching challenges have molded me to truly support women on this path of coming home to themselves.


A few facts about me:

  • I am a southern girl at heart and will throw away all my dietary guidelines for a buttery biscuit

  • I have birthmark on my left arm called a port-wine stain. It changes colors from bright red to deep purple when I go from hot to cold. It’s basically the most epic body thermometer/ mood ring

  • I’m a mermaid and will swim in the ocean until my fingers get pruney. I’m (slowly) facing my fears and learning to surf.

  • Dancing is my jam. When deep bass and inspired rhythms hit my ears, my whole body can’t help but Get. Down.

  • Currently obsessed with fresh espresso, lady gaga, and (as cheesy as it sounds) sunset beach walks with my boyfriend

Education & Certifications

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Mackenzie has spent the past decade studying human development, family systems, the healing arts, yoga, birth, conscious relationships, women’s embodiment, emotional intelligence, and coaching. She weaves her experience with hundreds of clients, years of study, and intuitive guidance to each session. 

Mackenzie graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Family Development. Fascinated by what it means to grow and heal as a human, Mackenzie continued her education by becoming a certified yoga teacher, certified birth doula, and licensed massage therapist with a specialty in the Hawaiian healing arts.

In 2018, Mackenzie became a Certified Life Coach through the holistic school, Courageous Living Coach Certification with Kate Swoboda. She later became a part of the CLCC leadership team as a mentor coach for the program. Mackenzie continues to study awakened relationships, trauma, somatic healing, and conscious sexuality to serve her clients in the deepest way.

Official Bio

Mackenzie wants to live in a world where tears are celebrated and hugs are held just a little longer.

A world where all women know their inherent worth, trust themselves, and are empowered by their loving self-connection and thriving relationships.

As a love coach, she’s most known for her emotional genius, intuition, and the capacity to create a warm and truly loving space for others to dive deep. Kenzie specializes in helping women work their emotional pain, cultivate clear communication, and reclaim their power in the face of fear or manipulation.

When’s she’s not giving 1-1 coaching sessions, offering online courses, or recording interviews for her podcast Honey in the Heart, you can find her playing mermaid in the ocean, eating acai bowls, and binge watching episodes of her favorite show, Queer Eye. She is incredibly grateful to call Maui her home.